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Kirk Research Group

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The Kirk Group addresses critical questions in the areas of molecular electronics, electronic structure contributions to molybdoenzyme catalysis, and magnetic multi-spin systems for quantum information science.  Our group at UNM is located in the high desert of beautiful Albuquerque, NM. The group employs a a combined spectroscopic approach (MCD, electronic absorption, XAS, time-resolved, EPR, resonance Raman, and emission spectroscopies), EXAFS, chemical synthesis, computational chemistry and theory, and molecular biology to solve these  problems that are important to emerging technologies, molecular devices, life-processes and the environment.




Paper in JACS on Molecular Electronic Coupling 
Spectroscopic Signatures of Resonance Inhibition Reveal Differences in Donor-Bridge and Bridge-Acceptor Couplings
New Paper in JACS on Vibronic Coupling and Covalency
Vibrational Control of Covalency Effects Related to the Active Sites of Molybdenum Enzymes.
Paper in JACS on the Structure and Mechanism of the MsrP Enzyme
Addressing Ligand-Based Redox in Molybdenum-Dependent Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase 
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